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Welcome to Jewell PR Creative Services.

Real Estate Photography

Jewell PR Creatives Services provides photos for real estate agents, brokers, short term rentals and property managers. Provide high quality images to help you sell or rent your property.

Automotive Photography

Let Jewell PR Creative Services help you sell your vehicles and get them in front of customers by photographing them and posting them online for sale.

Graphic Design Services

Remote Graphic Design Services, the next level of creative services for your business. 


Jewell PR Newsletter is about what is happening with Jewell PR Creative Services, trends in marketing and graphic design, sales, promotions, and introducing you to people and businesses we are doing or have done business with.  New projects, videos or what has made us feel good.  Reviewing new technology, and how it can help you, your service, or you personally.  Thank you for signing up, and hopefully the articles, stories and experiences will be helpful for you, and if they are really good, perhaps they will inspire you.  You will get updates about the I am Medusa project.

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