About Us

Executive Summary

Jewell PR Creative Services provides graphic design, creativity, and visualizations for companies and organizations to help them communicate to their clients, across multiple platforms.  Marketing, and advertising is a fluid industry, and strategies are constantly changing.  Jewell PR Creative Services meets the challenge of marketing in an ever changing world.

Whether the target audiences are customers, partners, or investors, Jewell PR Creative Services creates the designs that speak to the stakeholders and their needs.  The principles of design applies to all industries, and the ability to provide adjustments.


Jewell PR Creative Services was founded in June 2012 by Vernon Jewell. Following a severe car accident in 2009, the severity of the accident left Vernon’s future in doubt, and the TBI (traumatic brain injury) raised questions if he would be able to work as an artist professionally again. As apart of the recovery, Vernon Jewell began creating t-shirts, coffee mugs and other novelty items through on-line stores such as Zazzle and Red Bubble. Recognizing that small and mid-size companies and organizations are in need of reliable and affordable creative services, Vernon Jewell began offering graphic design services as a freelance independent contractor.  Registering Jewell PR with the State of Colorado as a business was a huge step.  Later, was updated to Jewell PR Creative Services.

Jewell PR Creative Services began offering in-house graphic design services to companies that were trying to grow. This service was difficult for small businesses to afford, but it has become important to the future growth of Jewell PR Creative Services. Jewell PR Creative Services continues to offer affordable services to small businesses on a per project basis. The future, are to offer service plans that allows Jewell PR Creative Services to grow, and offer more services at affordable rates.  Learning to conduct business is an ongoing struggle, and it is imperative to be able to adjust to the changes of the market, and influence changes when necessary, or where we can.


Jewell PR Creative Services is dedicated to providing a great service and great designs that represent you to the fullest. Our goal is to be your reliable in-house graphic designer–to provide these creative services at a great rate and professionalism. 

The individual need of every business is unique. The service that Jewell PR Creative Services is providing, is more than a contractor for your business—we would like to be considered a team member. Because when you succeed, we all succeed, and everyone is better for it.

Ideas Shape the Course of History