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Valley Hi Golf Course

Grubhub Food Photography. There was a huge demand and push during the heights of the pandemic for restaurants to find and serve customers to stay in business. Many of the locally owned restaurants turned to delivery apps like Grubhub for help keeping their doors open and making great food for their customers. Jewell PR Creative Service’s contract is with Smartshoot, a primary holder of Grubhub photography contract, is to help restaurants get on the delivery app, which was truly a lifeline for many restaurants in our community.

Grubhub says they helped to save many restaurants from closing during the pandemic, and the role of Jewell PR Creative Services was to have the restaurants represented on the delivery app with great photos that represents the restaurant. The restaurants that were most successful were the ones that represented the most images from their menu. The contract with Smartshoot and Grubhub providing images for restaurants to be successful on the Grubhub app is ongoing.


Uber Eats Photography: The growth of food photography continued with the contract with OCUS, who is a primary contract holder for Uber Eats. This contract allowed Jewell PR Creative Services to continue to grow and meet restaurant owners as the economy continued to recover from the pandemic.

Improving product photography abilities is a high priority. Uber Eats prefers natural light as much as possible when photographing products. Meeting local restaurant owners and get an idea of what is and isn’t working for restaurant owners is a great privilege.


DoorDash Photography: OCUS is a primary contract holder for DoorDash photography. Jewell PR Creative Services is a subcontractor of OCUS and this service helps OCUS fulfill their photography obligations for DoorDash. To shoot to the standards outlined in the photography brief so that the images will be used on the DoorDash delivery app.

Duties include confirming with the restaurant that they signed up for the DoorDash app. Schedule an appointment, or confirm the appointment that was given for photos. Inform them of the number of photos needed, send a reminder text message or phone call, then show up on time for the photoshoot. Submit the images through their online portal.